Yummy Mummy Bye Bye Baby Belly Firming Cream

Yummy Mummy Bye Bye Baby Belly Firming Cream

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Yummy Mummy’s ‘Tight Tum’ firming cream ensures you can wave good-bye to your baby belly forever! This revolutionary tummy firming cream is a real must have for new mums! It has been designed to target the tummy area; to ensure you get a flatter, firmer less wobbly waist in no time! We know how hard it is to get back into shape after having a baby, but ‘Yummy Mummy Tight Tum Firming Cream’ is the perfect product to ensure you get back into shape super-fast! Our cream works hard to tighten, de-bloat and reduce fat deposits! It really is the best post pregnancy tummy firming cream available! The cream is luxuriously thick and glides on to your skin; leaving it ultra-moisturised and smelling fabulous! The fast acting formula gets to work fighting fat cells instantly, giving you a flatter tighter tummy in no time!

•  Get a flatter tighter tummy in no time!

•  Firms and tones your skin! 

• Fast acting formula fights fat cells instantly! Eliminates puffiness for a flatter tummy!

• Mega-moisturising cream leaves your skin feeling smooth and taut!

Get great results fast, with our clinically proven Yummy Mummy, Bye Bye Baby Belly, Tight Tum Firming Cream!

• Yummy Mummy tight tum firming cream is a must have for new mums!

• Super strength ingredients, guarantee to give you a flatter tighter tummy fast!

• Clinically proven to tone and perfect your tummy!

• For great results simply massage the cream onto your tummy in circular motions daily!

Yummy Mummy products have been designed especially for all the beautiful new Mumma’s! We know that having a baby is one of the most amazing and special times in life; and we want to congratulate you on the birth of your adorable little bundle of joy! We want every new mum to feel fabulous and that’s why we have created this unique range! Yummy Mummy products are designed to be used after pregnancy to ensure you look and feel incredible! All our products are made from natural and herbal ingredients and have been clinically proven to give you fantastic results fast!
Works great with our entire Yummy Mummy Range!!

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• ' I use this cream both morning and night; I love it! It has managed to gradually tighten up and tone my wobbly baby belly! It’s great!! Maxine Brazil

• ' This cream is amazing – I can’t believe how fast it’s worked- my tummy looks so much flatter and really toned!  Laura London

• ' My tummy was so wobbly and bloated after pregnancy- but since using this cream I have really seen an improvement. I am so happy and look so good! Louise New York

• ' I really recommend this cream to every new mum! It really works! I have tried so many different creams but this is the only one that has given me such amazing results!  Sarah Iceland