Copacabana Ultra Luxe Body Bronzing Pills

Copacabana Ultra Luxe Body Bronzing Pills

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In a recent survey, 92% of men and women said that they look better and more attractive with a tan! Having a golden glow has never been more fashionable! Having a tan can make you feel slimmer and more body confident! We have developed a unique formula to ensure you get a deep dark glowing tan fast! Our Copacabbana Tanning Pills have been clinically tested and are proven to work faster than any other product on the market! Simply take our pills and watch your tan develop! So what are you waiting for? Don’t delay; buy your Copacabbana Tanning Pills today!!!


Item Contains: 30 pills  Beta Carotene, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Modified Maize Starch, Magnesium Stearate. Each tablet provides on adverage 5mg of Beta Carotene.

How to use

Take one Dream Remedies Tan Pills tablet a day.

Delivery Information

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• ‘This is amazing, I used these pills and saw instant results, I love it!!!' – Melissa, USA

• ‘I was getting to upset with my pale skin, I was so worried about getting in to my bikini in Marbella this summer, but I have been taking these pills and I look amazing! Wow thank you!!  -  Nicolette, London

• ‘My body is so tanned I look like I have just returned from my summer vacation!’ – Nick, Essex

• ‘My girlfriend loves me so much now I’m tanned, this is great!' – Jeffery Switzerland

• ' These have really changed my appearance, I’m tanned toned and beautiful!' – Yeliz Russia