Yummy Mummy Velvet Hands for Hands and Nail Cream

Yummy Mummy Velvet Hands for Hands and Nail Cream

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Yummy Mummy ‘Velvet Hands’ is the perfect hand and nail cream, and a must have for every new Mum! After pregnancy many women find they develop dry, sore hands, and weak brittle nails. This is due to pregnancy hormones and the fact that after child birth new mums find that they are constantly washing their hands to ensure everything is hygienic for their baby. The combination of dry sore hands and weak brittle nails can prematurely age your skin and cause pain and discomfort. But do not worry, Yummy Mummy Velvet Hand and Nail cream is the answer to your problems! Our cream smells delicious and is thick, luxurious and absorbed quickly in.to your skin. The unique formula protects against the signs of aging and deeply moisturises, softens and hydrates dry skin. It is packed full of vitamins and minerals that ensure healthy strong nails. Yummy Mummy Velvet Hands is your dream cream!

•  Intensely moisturising  cream that hydrates and softens your skin!

•  Full of moisture-boosting, nourishing and protective qualities!

• Stops dry sore hands and weak brittle nails!

• Protects against the signs of ageing!

Get great results fast, with our clinically proven Yummy Mummy, ‘Velvet Hands and Nail Cream’!

• Yummy Mummy Velvet Hand & Nail Cream is must have for new mums!

• Super strength ingredients, guarantee to give you gorgeous hands fast!

• Clinically proven to help soothe dry hands and nourish brittle nails!

• For great results simply massage into your hands daily!

Yummy Mummy products have been designed especially for all the beautiful new Mumma’s! We know that having a baby is one of the most amazing and special times in life; and we want to congratulate you on the birth of your adorable little bundle of joy! We want every new mum to feel fabulous and that’s why we have created this unique range! Yummy Mummy products are designed to be used after pregnancy to ensure you look and feel incredible! All our products are made from natural and herbal ingredients and have been clinically proven to give you fantastic results fast!
Works great with our entire Yummy Mummy Range!!

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• ' I am so happy I found this hand and nail cram – it really works and is absolutely fantastic!  Mia Brazil

• ' This is the best hand and nail cream I have ever used, it smells amazing and has really soothed and moisturised my hands!  Ciara New York

• ' This cream is fantastic; my hands were getting so dry and sore as I keep washing them constantly  but this is so fantastic I use it every time I wash my hands and they are so soft and silky smooth! Kim UK

• ' I really love this cream it is amazing and has ensured my hands are super soft and beautiful! It has also helped my brittle nails!  Cally London