High Strenght Protein Powder Spartan Health

 High Strenght Protein Powder Spartan Health

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Spartan Health Whey Protein Powder tastes great and will ensure you hit your goals fast! Our whey protein is absorbed quickly by the body, and lets you achieve the maximum effect in as short a time as possible! It delivers fast acting protein into your hungry muscles and provides even quicker recovery from intense training. Ensures muscle recovery and development!
•  Ensures extreme lean muscle growth!•  Absorb quickly into the hungry muscle cells and replenishes •  Promotes rapid muscle recovery from intense training!•  Tastes Great and mixes easily!
Get great results fast, taking our clinically proven 100% natural, Spartan Health Protein Powder!
•  Contains high quality ingredients!•  Continues working for hours and hours!•  Clinically Proven formula - get results fast!!•  100% Safe Natural Herbal ingredients!
Protein is the structural core of the human body and is at work in every single cell. Protein performs many essential functions in the body. It is required for growth and repair of muscle tissues. Spartan Health Protein provides an excellent source of protein which the body can use to build and maintain muscle tissue during and after intense physical activity. This is a must for any athlete, body-builder or individual. It is perfect for those who wish build and maintain a strong, healthy physique. Our protein powder is so powerful; it is the ‘amber nectar’ of the Spartans who descended for the immortal Greek gods from Zeus himself!


Whey Protein Concentrate Powder, Anti-caking Agent: Soy Lecithin, Cocoa Powder, Flavoring: chocolate, Xanthan Gum, Sucralose. .

How to use

Mix 4 tablespoons (40g) of powder with 300ml milk, juice or water twice daily. Best served chilled

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• 'I love this Spartan health protein powder it tastes amazing!!-  Nigel UK
• ' I honestly so impressed with this product, I love it, it is the best whey protein powder I have ever tried, it tastes amazing too and mixes well!! – Dave America
• 'I am very pleased with this product it is fantastic, it has really helped my muscles to grow and expand I look so big now!' – Thomas Finland 
• ' I have been using this for about a month now and I can certainly see a massive improvement in myself; I look and feel great, thank you!' – Nicholas Chicago